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For the last 15 years i have been living in Leamington spa.  For a great deal of that time i have worked as a professional artist. Several years ago I chose to take an hiatus from the games industry to pursue other interests.  I also wanted to broaden my horizons in order to grow personally and creatively. 

I have many interests.  I have always found the natural world stunning and emensly interesting.  By natural world i not only mean the world and everything that lives on it and its natural history, but the world and everything around it and its place in the context of the universe. I guess thats just a grown up way of saying i`m a big kid who loves animals, space and dinosaurs.... and starwars,  i like starwars too.


a brief history of (thank goodness)

I am a trained graphic designer who has previously worked in the games industry for over 10 years and have worked on many published titles in various roles.

I think one of the hardest things about writing these things is they can quite easily turn into lists of achievements,  which i`m not realy sure it needs to be.  I think here a bio should be me. Maybe a bit goofy.  probably not all that well thought out. A work in progress.

Works in progress,  i think thats me down to the ground.  at the moment I`ve got a few things on the go.  theres the usual,  finish off the house and get the garden in shape.  After fitting new floors, and plumbing and fitting the kitchen and bathroom after our renovations,  those last bits of skirting board and plaster just ad to the rustic charm... thats what i say anyway. I`ve got a couple of murels to finnish off in the house,  aswell as removing that tree from the garden.  maybe i`ll get my home made "surface" pc finished. Finishing my DIY 3D printer would help that.   But i`m making a storm trooper helmet at the moment so they can wait for now. 

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